TED Talks English Training

What I Learned From Nelson Mandela (B1.2-A)

Boyd Varty was born into a family of safari guides in eastern South Africa. This opportunity gave him an understanding of nature and the African idea of ubuntu—that human feelings like love and friendship are shared. After following the life of Nelson Mandela and meeting him, Boyd understood the importance of ubuntu in the lives of the people around him. In this edited TED Talk, Boyd shares these experiences.

Boyd Varty’s idea worth spreading is that when we spend time in the wilderness, we appreciate the connectedness of all living things and can see the best parts of ourselves reflected back to us.

  • Warm-Up & Speaking
  • Speaking & Vocabulary I
  • Speaking & Vocabulary II
  • Speaking & Vocabulary III
  • Watch & Comprehension
  • After You Watch - Vocabulary 1
  • After You Watch - Vocabulary 2
  • After You Watch - Vocabulary 3
  • Discussion 1 - Collective Societies
  • Writing - Working On A Project
  • Grammar - A/An & The I
  • Grammar - A/An & The II
  • Listening - Africa's Economic Progress
  • Reading 1 - The Trip Of A Lifetime
  • Reading 2 - A Luxury Safari
  • Writing - email
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever